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Dedication and passion to make a change

Our story is how people that are dedicated and passionate are coming together for making a change to many people, suffering from health problems.

Starting in the north of Israel from Rosh Hanikra marine nature reserve

Starting at the mid-’90s, Arnon Feldman was appointed by Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra (Northern Israel) to manage the experimental red algae seaweed farm. Back then, the Head Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Commerce financially supported the project. The farm aimed at the food markets and successfully supplied fresh Gracilaria Red Algae and Ulva algae to supermarket chains.

Searching for the revolutionary material that keep the values and synergy of the seaweed for health benefit

It was apparent that Arnon, a senior therapist specialized in aromatherapy, will explore other markets than food. Many years of research and experiments, led to a revolutionary material that kept the values and synergy of the seaweed ingredients: Gracilaria Red Algae gel.

Rosh Hanikra view